12 Months Social Media Marketing Strategy

12 Months Social Media Marketing Strategy – International Marketing

Social media marketing is a process of maximizing business leads. It helps convert visitors into customers. The number of online purchasers is increasing day by day and social networks are the biggest sources to sell your product. This is the most economical and cost effective style of marketing in the global marketplace.

Selling is an immense and always incomplete process. We should go on promoting our marketing plans, estimates and budgets as per changing seasons. We deliver a unique pattern from which we prefer right hand position:

“Countless efforts + hard work = strategic planning + smart work”
Selling is an artistry and we own it!

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Since selling is not soft and cannot be performed by anyone. It needs efforts, deep analysis, and a master strategy. Social media marketing is not just opening an account and start posting. We first have to understand our customer needs and of course to find our target audience first. For all this time consuming procedure, we sustain a committed squad of professionals who do this for you.

‘12 Months Social Media Marketing Strategy’ is a complete one year strategic plan and a cutting edge marketing program which will help us to take up the business from scratch and move towards the next generation within one year. In this program our social media specialists will contact customer to examine the current state of affairs and then design a strategy to enforce. The whole procedure takes 45 business days to complete with 3 conferences and 7 small meetings over Skype. These milestones help us interpret the business needs and in designing futuristic marketing strategy.

Finding business needs

In the first stage, we find business needs by deep analysis, and contacting with the executives of the organizations or responsible persons.

Target audience

Only after completing the analysis, we then determine the target audience and examine their demands by getting along close to research work and study.

Platform selection

Later a complete research on the audience, we select best social networks to capture that market.

Profiling and compiling

Getting the right platforms we then start compiling data and gather information which is necessary to contact customers and also prepare the robust profile that attract visitors.

Groups and page designing

Groups and page designing is another important thing after profile, which includes dozens of art work with professionalism.

Professional networking

Without networking profiles, groups and pages are nothing. We create a strategy to follow for professional networking experience.

Content creation

Since, the content is the most important component of all marketing efforts. In this phase, we produce the content for the whole year to use in different conditions.


Here we schedule activities for next 12 months that when and how to send notifications, tweets, emails and messages.

Brand awareness

We create brand awareness with customers by preparing presentations, guides, notes, tutorials and professional content.