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Al-Shaikh Enterprises is a Business Analyzing company which have a vast experience in business and is able to drive organizations to the next level. Which advices on business plans, strategies, increasing revenue and standard of the organizations. Al-Shaikh Enterprises is the only company of its own nature which not only provides the services but also the Complementary Consultancy before starting the project. We first do a deep analysis to check its global presence, then find bunch of solutions exactly for the need of a certain company. Throughout the process we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their past and present situations, goals for the development and what have been implemented in the past. In this way we merge our clients experience and our expertise to develop their organization, a next generation organization.

Our terms are flexible and we work with clients on daily basis to ensure that the program structure meets the needs of their objectives and provide required level of support to meet the deadlines. Learning and practice always brings good experiences. Therefore, 75% of our corporate solution`s programs depends on practice and interaction using real workplace scenario. More importantly in our executive solutions program we uses practical tools and techniques to begin application of learning in real and immediately.

Our executives can understand and harness the problems in a professional way and work as a team with client`s employees to shape a workplace culture. They facilitate and enhance the global presence and create collaborative international relationships. We understand that you want to attract and retain the international market. When you engage the Al-Shaikh Enterprises, you will get a partner. We care deeply about our clients, will honor our words, and trust worthy in our work and generous with our time. Unprepared executives can easily be overwhelmed by new foreign competitors. The executives of Al-Shaikh Enterprises are experienced in dealing with these situations. We know the standard and work culture of each country as we have 1500 clients in 75 countries. To overcome these challenges we have derived a formula, which we give to our customers in the beginning of the project. This formula helps us finding the best solutions for organizations which are facing problems in finding new businesses and creating trust in the international market.

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We are global!

We are exploring the world and providing a platform for great opportunities.

We keep moving forward

We are constantly updating ourselves with the skills & knowledge of latest technology and modern ideas.

More than 8 years of experience

We have a creative team with unique ideas that helps us do quality work and meet the deadlines. We are reliable, flexible and available 24/7/365 online and offline.

After sales services

We also have support staff to update and manage websites while you can focus on your business.

Free Business Analysis and Consultation

Al-Shaikh Enterprises has a wide range of IT solutions and experienced programmers and project managers that can provide such support to enable the company to operate your business efficiently.

Immense knowledge of International Business

IT is a high degree field of specialization that requires practical experience in the creation of both the front and the back end that needs day to day operations. There are very few who can claim to truly have a depth of experience in this field. We at Al-Shaikh Enterprises overcome these assertions.