Q1: What if the client needs the work in different language?

Since, Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not providing translation services, client has to provide the accurate text to put on the website, profile, email or on applications.

Q2: What is Business Analysis and what is included in the process?

Business Analyzing is a process in which our high profile executives do some research work on the current condition of the client’s business and prepare a strategy to work on. Before starting the process, the client has to fill a short form which will help our Business Analyst to understand the problems and issues deeply. For more information book a Free Consultation now!

Q3: What should I do if get any email regarding copyright?

Al-Shaikh Enterprises will never use the third party tools without a written contract. If you are getting threatened emails, call or messages regarding copyrights, submit your case to cybercrime cell and send us email with complete details at info@alshaikhenterprises.com.

Q4: What if I need to upgrade my website?

Al-Shaikh Enterprises normally use CMS to develop websites, which is quite easy to handle. The client will get all the controls on their website after the full payment and free to change anything he want. Other than we have different cheap website maintenance packages.

Q5: I have my own design ready, is Al-Shaikh Enterprises also providing just development services and if yes! Then what`s the cost?

YES! Al-Shaikh Enterprises is also providing development services. The client has to provide us the source files, whether they are PSD files or ready theme to upload. The cost depends on the structure, database credibility and time required. For more information book a Free Consultation now!

Q6: I just want Al-Shaikh Enterprises to maintain my ongoing website.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises have lots of website maintenance packages. The pricing depends on which platform the website is, what to maintain (data or database) and how many modifications are required in a month.

Q7: I want to migrate my website to a different host.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises always recommend to select the host company once you agree with their terms and happy with the services. The client must have to check the ratings, reviews and the credibility of the services. If still there is a need to change the host then, Al-Shaikh Enterprises can transfer the files, but there is no guarantee with the data loss.

Q8: Is it possible to use two different domains over one website?

YES! If you have more than one domain address and you want to redirect them, Al-Shaikh Enterprises will do it.

Q9: Is it possible to add a new functionality on a website later?

Of course YES! If your website is static and you like to add a login system, shopping cart, forum, social sharing system or any other dynamic functionality, all you just have to book a Free Consultation. One of our Business Analysts will contact you shortly with all the possibilities and the best ideas. For more information book a Free Consultation now!

Q10: Which language is good for designing and developing a professional website?

Al-Shaikh Enterprises prefer to work with content management system (CMS) with WordPress, Javascript, PHP, mysql database as these technologies are very easy to handle with Linux and cPanel due to their soft and easy working environment.

Q11: How much time require for developing a professional website?

Different businesses have different requirements. It totally depends on the functions of the website. For a small professional website, we normally require 45 days from scratch to go live.

Q12: Should I need a mobile application?

The mobile market is going viral and users are increasing day by day. Mobile applications are very important for small businesses now a days because of increasing competition. Customer needs fast and full control of their tasks. If you wouldn’t develop your business application, your competitor will.

Q13: How much time is required for developing a mobile application?

There is not a fixed time frame for developing a mobile application. It depends on the functions required and the idea of the app. However, if we develop a very basic native app form the scratch which includes idea creation, designing strategy, developing, testing and launching, will take hardly 90 business days to complete.

Q14: Why a website is important for a business?

There can be a hundred reasons to have a website. A website is a tool to reach millions of people worldwide in seconds and provide them complete details about your products and services. It is the least expensive way of marketing professionally. For more information book a Free Consultation now!

Q15: What`s the cost of a professional website?

The number one question people ask that how much website designs cost. We believe that need of every customer is different according to their businesses. The cost of a website depends upon the size and the functionality.

Q16: Why should I need to upgrade my website and make more professional?

A website plays a vital role in developing a good first impression that helps build successful long lasting relationship. You may have a nice office, pleasant working environment and highly qualified employees, but your website with bad graphic design will really affect your image in the market.

Q17: What do I have to do to have my website created?

You just have to book a Free Consultation, then leave it on us. We will contact you with all required information.

Q18: Can I access my website during the development phase?

YES! We develop websites on live servers which are accessible from all over the world. Client`s involvement is necessary during the entire process.

Q19: What is the standard of our website development services?

There are lots of freelancers are available easily who are working with free themes. At the end of the project website reflects the same designs of those websites which are already available. Al-Shaikh Enterprises have professionals who create unique designs every time for every new customer.

Q20: Are physical meetings required?

NO! There is no need to travel, as the internet is a global village. There are lots of applications, software and platforms to arrange meetings, conferences and sharing the documents.

Q21: There are thousands of companies even more, but why Al-Shaikh Enterprises?

Al-Shaikh Enterprises have experience of more than 8 years and have 50 professional employees. We know how to handle big projects as we have completed more than 1500 projects worldwide.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not a freelancer company or a team of freelancers. It’s a registered professional company with international standard, which will never compromise on quality and always focus on meeting the deadlines.