HTML eMail Designing

HTML email is a best source to increase the conversion rate of your prospects. These emails are designed as like other webpages using simple html, java and css codes to enhance the look and professional feel. Here companies will show their logos and banners at the top of the email and backgrounds that helps people remember your brand. HTML emails are especially useful for the promotions of the products by showing the images with the text and using the call to action buttons at the same time that will increase the leads.

These rich emails also helps in tracking the user activities and finding their favorite products by using back-end click tracking links. Using applications is also a miracle, using of Google map coding will help users find you quickly without leaving the window.

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Most of the users delete the emails immediately as they feel that the email is not professional and looks like SPAM. This rich email convince them to read complete email by displaying sleekly crafted pictures of products and services.

Call to action

One of the most powerful features, the call to action button. Now we can put good looking buttons with each product`s description which will help in closing more deals by redirecting user to the dedicated page.

Theme creation

It creates a theme and merge the website with the message. Readers will quickly recognize the company just after watching the email. This will build the trust that it is the official email from the original company.

Content organization

The simple text email will not deliver the message in right tone. Sometimes we need to modify the text by changing the colors, size and font style to prominent the message.

E-Payment integration

e-Payment integration is another great tool to increase the sales by helping the readers to take quick decision. Now your prospective is just one click away to pay you!

SEO friendly

HTML emails are SEO friendly since, it’s already a form of a webpage.


These templates are very easy in customization and provides the environment like working on MS Word. Just change the text and images, here you are with new products.

Social media integration

Help readers find you quickly without going on your website and know more about you. As survey shows that people more likely want to do business with people.

Mobile optimized

These emails are mobile optimized which means that they also look good with all sizes of devices.