Responsive Website


Since, websites are great source of introducing organizations faster and approaching in international market. But now a day’s mobile and tablet users are increasing day by day and simple website owners are losing their customers rapidly. With the passage of time the technology has been changed which speedup the businesses by introducing responsive websites.

Responsive websites are having a tendency of water, which reshape themselves in all devices and in all sizes. In short now there is no need to zoom and scroll again and again to read and navigate the page. These websites are able to automatically recognize the device and adjust themselves.

At Al-Shaikh Enterprises, developers pays full attention on website responsiveness and also the international standard quality.

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Following are the benefits of a responsive website technology:

Size matters

Every mobile and tablet will resize the website according to need.


Fast browsing like 1-2-3 cause of light coding on java.


Easy to handle!
No need for a coding experience to maintain.

Fully customizable

Can be easily customized and change the content anytime.

International standard

Best work in town by the means of quality designing.

Higher conversion rate

It provides high percentage because there is no need for redirection.

Time and cost effective

No need to design stand-alone website especially for mobile.

Offline browsing

The user can easily bookmark websites via third-party apps and can get content on the go.

One site – one URL

One website that can be accessible from all devices and a single domain.

SEO friendly

Responsive websites are recommended by Google.


Highly secure servers and coding can help fight hacking and data stealing.


Customers can access anytime to get information about products and latest offers.