Terms and Conditions

Before placing order with Al-Shaikh Enterprises, you are affirming that you are in agreement and bound by these terms and conditions. The client must sign a contract either on a hard copy or by email which we will keep in safe place as a validation. Following are the policies included in this contract:


The website, artwork, programming codes, applications, books, software and ideas remain the property of Al-Shaikh Enterprises with full copyrights which may only be commercially reproduced or resold with the written permission of Al-Shaikh Enterprises.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take responsibility of any copyright problems caused by the material submitted by the customer. We hold the right to reject such material with copyright issues unless written prove by the owner of the material.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not liable if any problem happened due to the matching of the content written by its authors.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises do not have any sister company, branch, official partner, franchise, agent, reseller or consultant. We are not liable for any loss sustained by those societies which are using our identity locally or internationally.

Its client`s duty to notify us if get any email, call or message with our name, logo or any of the details via third person. We will strictly take a prompt action and forward these cases to the courts and cybercrime cell.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take any responsibility of whatever third party plugins, themes or widgets used. Every company, firm and organization have their own policies, terms and conditions which should be pursued by the client before and after the amended is rules and upgrading of the scripting.


If the website, profile, software, database or any other pattern of information is available which is postulated to be updated or change, the client must make a backup first otherwise Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not responsible for any data loss.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises will not be liable for any loss occurred due to the inaccessibility of the website, servers, software or plugins.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take responsibility for loss of data while using the software designed for the customer. The ultimate responsibility rests on the client’s position to ensure whether all the mappings are acting correctly or not before employing the software.

Clients are expected to fully test the software, application or website developed by Al-Shaikh Enterprises before launching them officially. If errors found after running live, Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not obliged to rectify those mistakes unless get requests from the customer. Cost of debugging depends on the size of the error.


Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not responsible to ensure whether the data is correct or not. It`s client’s duty to check all the modifications before the contract ends. If found anything to correct after the completion of the project, Al-Shaikh Enterprises reserve the rights to charge a specific sum of money for such corrections or for further additions.

The client must have to fill the form correctly and deliver to us on time. The brief must be in easy words, enough for the project and be in English language. Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take any responsibility of mistakes done by the client.

The client must do his homework on time. As for starting the project we need complete and correct information to start the process. The homework may include, compiling the content for the website, software, profile, etc., giving us some of favorite and competitor list, logos, pictures and graphics. This will help us in getting an idea that what is in your mind. If client will be failed in submitting their homework on time, Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take any responsibility of not meeting the deadline.

Time frame

The client must agree to make availability on time and follow the meeting schedule to provide required material to complete the project within the set deadline.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not responsible for any loss by means of money or any matter due to the failure in meeting the deadlines.

The client must have to follow the strategy and procedures, designed at the beginning of the project and have to pay before the due date mentioned on the invoice unless by prior agreement with Al-Shaikh Enterprises.


Al-Shaikh Enterprises will not be liable or become involved in any operation between its clients and their customers.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises have complete rights to use its signature on the products like; designed and developed by or powered and maintained by anywhere in the websites, software, profiles and emails. The client doesn’t have rights to remove these signatures without a written permission from Al-Shaikh Enterprises.


A deposit of 30% is required with every project before starting the process. (50% in some cases)

Once the project has been completed, the final balance of payment is then due on the client and there are no exceptions if the client decides to cancel the project and don’t want to pay the rest. As the client has signed the contract with Al-Shaikh Enterprises and is still obliged to pay for the work that has been done. Nonpayment will result in legal action being taken if necessary.

Once the study finished, the customer is bound to compensate the total payment. Al-Shaikh Enterprises sends notifications via email to remind for due payments.

If the client will not pay the due amount after 10 days of the invoice date, we will then cease the software license or delete web pages from the servers. We will then pass such cases to the courts and cybercrime cells in subject of fraud and non-payment.

Due to non-payment of any invoice our lawyers will contact the clients to take care of the further matter to seek payment through legal procedures.

Payments are to be made in several ways. Every payment mode has its own schedule, time period and charges in face of transfer fees and currency exchange percentage which will be supplied at the time of payment. Currently we are offering 11 international payment options from which half are free.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not offering refunds policy as all the instructions and terms are open. We work with matured organizations with the proper procedures and contract strategy. We first discuss the needs and the criteria to work along. Working of two international organizations will not require any refund policy, but we believe in mutual understanding and cooperation policy.


If the servers and hosting are recommended from the client`s side, then Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not apt for any problem happened with the software and the web site. If the client doesn’t want to work with our recommended servers, then it`s their responsibility to provide secure and suitable working environment for the final production. Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not offering, selling, reselling or distributing, hosting and domain services professionally. We generally purchase packages for clients by third parties, which possess their own terms and conditions. Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not apt for their changes in terms and conditions. Before purchasing such packages, we disclose their terms and conditions by redirecting client to the third party`s website. Al-Shaikh Enterprises only recommend hosting companies to host websites. There are no responsibilities for any loss caused by unavailability, server down or interruption of these services.

Its client`s responsibility to pay for the hosting before a month of the due date. Al-Shaikh Enterprises will not be liable for any loss due to non-payment and cannot take any responsibility to recover the website.

The customer accepts to compensate the hosting charges (non-refundable) according to package every year, first year starts at the date of purchasing and will terminate at the same appointment.

Copyright Transfer

Once the invoice will be cleared, the client is liable to use the website, software, text, graphics, audio, video, animation or any other digital component within the project. Using these things outside the project is not allowed. Later on the above procedure client can utilize those features under the terms of a license, but no rights of ownership are conveyed unless specifically stated in the written contract.

In any case, if the client failed to pay the full invoice within 30 days, it means that the client agreed in forfeiting his rights.

The rights of photographs, graphics, audios, videos, themes, plugins, scripting and third party items remain the property of their respective owners.

Without specific written agreement from Al-Shaikh Enterprises, all products including; idea, interface, design, alignment, fonts, infrastructure, icons, buttons, content, titles, order of titles, order of navigation buttons, source codes, plugins, themes, widgets, applications and all other components and the result of our services remain our property and we have full ownership rights and all intellectual property rights. The client must agree not do anything within or outside the website which will infringe our rights, title or affect our products and services. The client is strictly not allowed to sell, transfer, reproduce or gift one of any above component, if done so Al-Shaikh Enterprises reserves the rights to cancel his license. The client must fully understand that we may reproduce, reuse, develop and use in any other way within our own.


Anyone who experiences a problem with the services provided by Al-Shaikh Enterprises can easily open a quick ticket by sending us an email at info@alshaikhenterprises.com. One of the support team members will resolve the issue, but be sure that the email has enough detail to solve the problem. Give your email a proper and relevant subject so that the system will deliver your email to that subject oriented professional to solve the problem as soon as possible. Make sure you have checked the FAQs page to save your time, which is quick and easy.

Online payment gateway integration

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take responsibility if online payment integration service provider will refuse or block your account cause of any issue. We can simply integrate these plugins as a third party tool.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is not liable for loss in the form of data and money if the online payment processing company will seal or stop the merchant account/bill. We are solely responsible for compiling, coding and linking of the accounts on the websites, applications and software.


Al-Shaikh Enterprises have full rights to change the prices of its products and services without any prior notices. This is not applicable on purchased products, services and the projects which are in the process.

Illegal use

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is liable to cancel any project, cease the license or delete the website if found illegal activities which affect our rights or deny our laws, terms and conditions.

If the client is using our designed emails to send to their prospective, he must add an unsubscribe button with proper working code.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot design such websites, acquire such software or create such content which includes religious or political violence, pyramid schemes and pornography. The client, who will be caught in these conditions, we will urgently delete all the web pages and cancel their contract without prior notice.

Data usage

Al-Shaikh Enterprises is a registered firm by the government of Pakistan and the regular tax paying company bearing NTN# 3986094-9. We are apt to provide client`s details during the auditing process to government professionals to keep our rights and establishing the procedure of auditing clean.


Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take any responsibility for marketing campaigns. Client is liable for the unsuccessful result as it totally depends on the product quality, appearance, reliability, look, standard and category plays a great role.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take any responsibility of hacked website. Although we assist our clients in recovery, but there is no guarantee of data loss and we are not liable to provide new source code.


Revisions and corrections are limited with each package. The client must revise all the modifications before declaring the project as closed. Later, at the conclusion of the project client must have to reopen the project and select one of our reasonable maintenance packages for further changes or add-ons.

Mobile application development

Al-Shaikh Enterprises cannot take any responsibility of App Store or Google play and any other application platform which will reject the app to submit. Although we will try our best and assist in communication, but will not offer a guarantee.

Al-Shaikh Enterprises have complete rights to modify its terms and conditions or privacy policy anytime without any prior notification. The client is recommended to visit these pages periodically.