Tariq Jameel

CEO at VanPac (Pak) Inc.

I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Mr. Faisal Shaikh. Enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanour. He consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse his best customer services.

Amii Gaffney

Geschäftsleitung bei Business4U2

I have worked with Mr. Faisal and his company Al-Shaikh Enterprises. He is excellent at listening to my needs and concerns and has always met my expectations. I have learnt a lot with Mr. Faisal that how to manage Social Profiles and how important is the branding!

He is passionate with his work and an extraordinary creative. I highly recommend him as a Business Analyst and a Marketing Expert because he know very well about his job. Best regards, to everyone of you out there in the world, Faisal is a man to be trusted very well.

Manuela Friedlmeier

Lifestyle-Manager – Value Business

Mr. Faisal Shaikh Al-Shaikh-Enterprises has been a great help in the implementation of my challenge. He is a specialist in the IT sector, has fulfilled my order very correctly and gets my recommendation.

Thanks Faisal and until next time a lot of success for you!