Al-Shaikh Enterprises is a Business Analyzing company which have a vast experience in business and is able to drive organizations to the next level. Which advices on business plans, strategies, increasing revenue and standard of the organizations. Al-Shaikh Enterprises is the only company of its own nature which not only provides the services but also the Complementary Consultancy before starting the project. We first do a deep analysis to check its global presence, then find a bunch of solutions exactly for the need of a certain company. Throughout the process, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their past and present situations, goals for the development and what have been implemented in the past. In this way we merge our clients experience and our expertise to develop their organization, a next generation organization. Read More


We design businesses to deal with the complexity and modern challenges to clear the unwanted obstacles drastically.

We develop such strategies which will target the appropriate audience and find opportunities.

We solve problems and invent ideas for lucrative customer interactions, which help stand out in International Market.

Business Analysis identifies the problems and needs to help organizations finding better opportunities and creating their own path which leads the organization towards its destination. At Al-Shaikh Enterprises, our executives define solutions, create strategy, workflow and implement that system to build a solid foundation. Transparent Business Analysis ensures high performance, 360 degree approach, better business plan integration and a valuable outcome. Read More

I have worked with Mr. Faisal and his company Al-Shaikh Enterprises. He is excellent at listening to my needs and concerns and has always met my expectations. I have learnt a lot with Mr. Faisal that how to manage Social Profiles and how important is the branding!

He is passionate with his work and an extraordinary creative. I highly recommend him as a Business Analyst and a Marketing Expert because he know very well about his job. Best regards, to everyone of you out there in the world, Faisal is a man to be trusted very well.

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The company`s consulting services are aimed at helping clients to analyze and strategically plan the solutions to practical problems and to introduce effective management practices in their organizations. The company provides a variety of consultancy services to businesses, industries and government organizations. Read More

Al-Shaikh Magazine is designed for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers and Executives which is assisting in gathering such information to help them solve their problems and sharing their experiences with each other. The only reason behind developing this application is helping people establishing their businesses and learn about the fast-paced International Market. Read More

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